Koh Poda

Koh Poda, a small island located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand, is part of the Koh Poda archipelago which also includes Koh Mor, Koh Gaew, and Koh Tub. This island is known for its picturesque beaches, crystal clear waters, and abundance of marine life, making it a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

The main beach, Hat Poda, features white sands and palm trees, providing a perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. Koh Poda is also home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, lizards, and birds, and has several hiking trails that offer breathtaking views and the opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauty. Visitors to the island can stay at one of the small resorts or guesthouses and enjoy local Thai dishes at the small restaurants and bars.

Though small in size, Koh Poda has become a beloved tourist destination for those seeking to escape the busyness of daily life and relax in a peaceful and stunning setting. A National Park fee of approximately 400 baht per person is required upon arrival on the island, as it is owned by Had Noppharatthara – Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, visitors can enjoy kayaking and exploring the island on foot, taking in the sugary soft sand and lush palm trees. The island’s limestone cliff is a notable attraction, as well.

Overall, Koh Poda is a paradise for nature lovers, providing an opportunity to unwind and feel refreshed in its breathtaking surroundings.

Koh Poda

What to do in Koh Poda ?

Koh Poda is a small island located off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. It is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and tropical climate. There are several activities that you can do while visiting Koh Poda, including:

  • Swimming and sunbathing: The island’s beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters make it a great place to swim and soak up the sun. Hat Poda, the island’s main beach, is a particularly popular spot for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Go snorkeling or diving: The waters around Koh Poda are home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful fish, coral reefs, and sea turtles. You can rent snorkeling gear or sign up for a diving tour to explore the underwater world.
  • Rent a kayak: Kayaking is a popular activity in Koh Poda, as it allows you to explore the island’s coastline and visit secluded beaches and coves. You can rent a kayak from a local tour operator or beach vendor.
  • Visit the Poda Island Group National Park: The Poda Island Group National Park is located on the northwest side of Koh Poda and is home to a variety of plant and animal species. You can take a guided tour of the park to learn more about the local ecosystem.
  • Take a boat tour: There are several boat tour operators in Koh Poda that offer day trips to nearby islands, including Koh Kradan and Koh Mook. These tours often include stops for snorkeling, swimming, and sightseeing.
  • Try local cuisine: Koh Poda has a number of restaurants and food stalls that serve traditional Thai food. Be sure to try some of the local specialties, such as tom yum soup and pad Thai.
What to do in Koh Poda ?

How to get to Koh Poad

Koh Poda is a small island located in the Andaman Sea, off the western coast of Thailand. To get to the island, visitors can take a boat from the nearby towns of Ao Nang and Rai Leh. There are several tour companies that offer boat trips to Koh Poda, or visitors can rent their own boat. The journey from Ao Nang to Koh Poda typically takes about 20-30 minutes by boat.

Prices for boat trips vary based on the level of comfort and amenities offered. For a more luxurious experience, visitors can charter a private boat, which often includes an English-speaking guide and a Thai meal. It is worth noting that Koh Poda is a small, uninhabited island and does not have any airport or other transportation options.

Visitors should also be aware that the island does not have many amenities, so it is a good idea to bring any necessary supplies with them. Boat services from the island typically stop after 4:00 pm, and visitors who have chartered a boat will generally be given a return time of 3:00 pm.

How to get to Koh Poad

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