Client Testimonials

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  • Orthopedic

    Mr. Bequette had low back pain & sciatic nerve pain on his right leg. His friends recommended to have the treatment in Bangkok Hospital Phuket. He consulted Dr. Chaiyuth Sutheerayongprasert and had Epidural steroid injection on his first trip and came back after 2 months to have the surgery (Micro Decompression). He was very impressed with the service he received from Orthopedic Center and all the staff of the hospital.

    Mr. Richard Fred Bequette, Bone & Joint Center

  • Testimonial Dental

    Patient Testimonial on dental treatment at Bangkok Hospital Phuket: Mr. Halliday, Australian, had 4 implants and 4 bridges at Dental Center. After the procedure, he said it was improved his life quality. He admired the facilities in Bangkok Hospital Phuket. He would also recommend the service and treatment to his friends. He finally chose Bangkok Hospital Phuket after investigating the similar service in Australia. Dr. Tanit was his dentist.

    Mr. Halliday, Dental Center

  • Testimonial Colorectal

    Mr. Dennis Frank Bowman, an American Expat living in Phuket and a business owner (Phuket Directory), had colonoscopy at the Bangkok-Phuket Colorectal Disease Institute. Aimed at early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer and diseases, colonoscopy is very quick, easy, and absolutely painless. He just controlled his diet and emptied his bowel the day before check-up date, and then underwent colonoscopy where the surgeon allowed him to see the inside of his bowel. He was very happy and excited. After the exam, he briefly recovered, could get up and walk away. Fortunately, his screening did not find any abnormality to his great relief. He would like to recommend everyone to have such early screening, as early detection can pick up things before you have symptoms. His colonoscopy was performed by colorectal surgeon Dr. Art Hiranyakas on 9 January 2014. Mr. Dennis is actually the first patient at the Bangkok-Phuket Colorectal Disease Institute, which opened that day.

    Mr. Dennis Frank Bowman, Colorectal Center