About Phuket

Phuket, the Pearl of the Andaman, is considered to be the end of the rainbow for travelers around the globe because of its exotic sun, sea, and sand harmoniously combined with the peaceful way of life of its people.

Sirey Island

Sirey island is a small island southeast of Phuket. It is in practice an integral part of Phuket with Ta Jin canal separating them. It is around 4 kilometers far from Phuket town, with approximately 20 square kilometers in total terrain. Apart from Thai dwellers, Sirey island has long been home to indigenous folks also known as “Urak Lavoy” or sea gypsies. Here, economic activity related to fishery is upbeat, for example fishing markets, trawler moorings, seafood processing. Its muddy beaches are not suitable for bathing. Laem Tukkae (Tukkae Cape) is Phuket’s biggest Sea Gypsy community. They lead a simple and modest way of life by gathering shellfish, jellyfish, fish, oysters and so on for sale. Animism has long been their original belief until some have adopted Buddhism or Islam. Their culture and local wisdom has been passed on from generation to generation and has stood the test of time with such remarkable ceremony as the floating-away of a decorated boat to carry away communal sufferings and back luck.